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PasteFS Team on 27 Sep, 2020
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  1. Terms of service
  2. =================
  3. Whatever a user posts (privately or publicly) is owned by the user. We do not monitor content getting into our servers neither do we take responsibility of it.
  4. Please respect copyrights
  5. If the copyright holder comes up with the access code of your private paste, and we find out that you're sharing copyrighted content with public, then we are forced to remove that paste. So, please respect copyrights, and do not share your private content's access codes (paste links) with people you do not trust.
  6. no spamming
  7. We definitely not like spamming just like anyone else. Please do not spam. Posting same thing again and again is considered spamming. Please be kind to our users.
  8. no theft
  9. our website doesn't support theft. Even if it's theft of code or pictures or any form of data. But anything that is posted here belongs to user, and doesn't take responsibility.
  10. Viruses and Malware
  11. We do not monitor content that is uploaded on our server, Neither do we check content for viruses and malware. The idea of this service is to provide the user with AS-IT-IS content without any alterations. So if you are downloading some executable file (.exe, .dmg, .com, .sh etc) then please have your antivirus handy or execute it at your own risk.
  12. no guarantee
  13. This is mostly a free service, offered as a goodwill to it's users. We can't guarantee our free users that your content will remain here always. Yes we ensure the safety of privacy of your private data but we can't guarantee the data to be always accessible. Though we do have safety measures but our servers are still prone to natural disasters. and other physical and financial problems.
  14. the terms-of-service can be changed with or without notice.
  15. Account closure
  16. At the moment we do not provide our users with the ability to close their accounts, but if you choose to do so (because of any reason, security concern - though there should be none ), then please email us (using the email address you signed up with) at email( [email protected] ) and we shall close your account.
  17. updated: August 24, 2016