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PasteFS Team on 27 Sep, 2020
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  1. Privacy Policy
  2. ===============
  3. we don't share your private information including your private pastes with anyone.
  4. If you have posted something as public, then we're not responsible for it's privacy.
  5. In case you have posted something accidentally as public (please avoid such mistakes), please mail us at [email protected] with the paste number and we shall make it private asap.
  6. your email address is visible on your screens, we might turn it off in next increments but this is to stay for a while.
  7. we do not verify email addresses at the moment but this isn't likely to stay that way, you are advised to use this website with your actual email addresses, as it may result in discontinuation of this service to you in case you forget your password etc..
  8. Security of your pastes
  9. Your private pastes are private, they are not shared with anyone except the people/person you the owner chooses to share with. To achieve this, every private paste has an access code that a user (other than the owner) needs to provide to view the contents. You must keep that access code safe in order to keep your paste private.
  10. When you view your content, some of the data is saved to disk. For example pictures (even webpages). So if you have such private data that you don't want others to see, you should refrain from viewing your content on a public computer. We can ensure the security over the network, on our servers, but when it's on your computer it's your responsibility.
  11. Your communication security
  12. All communication between your browser and our server is encrypted with 256 bit encryption which is as much as the most secure sites offer to their clients. So, it is safe to communicate even through a proxy server or tor network, please make sure that you're connected using "https" instead of "http" on your address bar and your browser's address bar displays the address like:<anything here is fine>
  13. Search Engines
  14. Your private pastes are not shared with any search engines except our own search engine at which only allows the OWNER to search their private data. Your private data doesn't appear in other public's search results.
  15. User's anonymity
  16. At the moment, the names or personal info of persons who posted the pastes are not displayed with the pastes. That is because at the moment we only keep email addresses of users as their personal information which should not be shared with general public to keep them safe from spammers.
  17. Cookies
  18. store cookies only for session handling (user login/logout etc)
  19. Added Security
  20. For added security and privacy of pastes, and removal of advertisements from your user space, please send a mail to email( [email protected] ) if you're willing to pay a small fee in return.
  21. Browser
  22. Though your communication with is as safe as this document ensures, but if you are posting/saving sensitive information on then we suggest you to go through your browser's privacy policy too. Because everything you post is eventually going through a web browser. We recommend Firefox over closed source browsers.
  23. Glossary
  24. Paste:
  25. Paste is a combination of text with any multimedia file that is allowed to be uploaded to the system. Every paste has two IDs, a personal id (ppid) and a global ID (pid). Every paste has two basic parts (1) the text: any content that the user enters in a text area (2) the attachments: files of any kind that a user chooses to attach with the text.
  27. If you need to enquire any further about privacy policy, please email us with your question at: email( [email protected] ) Please mention in the subject.
  28. updated: 11 Feb, 2016